Churches of Christ - Who are we?
Churches of Christ are a group of churches, each with local autonomy, that cooperate together via a Conference to achieve things that they may not be able to achieve by themselves, e.g. operate a Bible college, support Missions and Social Care Programs. We have existed in Australia for well over 100 years.

Our origins are in movements that began in Britain and the U.S.A. which sought to return to the simple practices of New Testament Christianity. At a time when division and an emphasis on man-made traditions characterised the church of the day, this movement called for unity on the basis of the Bible alone. We continue to follow those principles today.

Our earnest desire is that all people may know the love of God shown through Jesus. We are “Christians only, not the only Christians.”


Family is very important to us. Our church fellowship seeks to provide the extended family that many have left behind to come to Gladstone. Children have a special place. We seek to provide them both freedom and safety to understand and experience how much God loves them. Within the security of an accepting and loving family, we encourage everyone to experience God's grace and healing, and to grow in maturity and faith.


Our Aims
It is our aim to help people discover an intimate relationship with God. This is what gives real hope and meaning to life. We aim to extend the love of God to all we meet by the way we live.


Our Pastors
Lyall Muller is married to Jillian and they have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. His passions are to see people reach the full potential God created them to achieve and to make the church relevant to Australian society today. Lyall studied for ministry at Kenmore Christian College. He has spent 15 years in Vanuatu, initially as a teacher and High School Principal and then in church development work. In Australia he has had ministries with Churches of Christ at Sunnybank and Townsville and the Scripture Union of Qld. He has been pastor here in Gladstone since 2000.

Jackie Crighton is married to Andrew, a High School Chaplain, and has 3 children. Her passion is to see people come into an intimate and healing relationship with Jesus. Jackie is a qualified counsellor and teacher. She also leads our women's work and is actively involved in a local school. Having be active in ministry since coming to Gladstone in 2001, Jackie was formally recognised as Associate Pastor in 2006.


Churches of Christ in Queensland
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